The Metal shop

George's Roofing & Custom Metal Fabrication Shop

We have specialized machinery that cuts and bends sheet metal, allowing us to manufacture custom items catering to the unique needs of industry and individuals. We supply building and hardware stores, contractors large and small, and the do-it-yourself individual at home. This includes metal roofing and cladding for construction, custom flashings for infrastructures, metal panels and countertops for interior and exterior design, and much more. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products supported by fast, reliable service and support. Our shop is located in the north where we meet unique and important requirements for our many customers who live and work there.

What We Manufacture

We provide and install a complete roofing and cladding package for numerous types of wall and sloped roofing surfaces. Additionally, as well as providing custom sheet metal products for all sorts of industries, we manufacture the necessary flashings and sub girts that support our cladding and roofing projects. Anything that we don’t produce in our sheet metal shop we are able to source from other experienced and reputable partners.

Industry Served

Our Process

Our process is the product of our experience. And our experience has shown us that we must first ensure that we completely understand your needs – including industry, structure type, budget, timeline, and even the elemental characteristics of your project’s location – before we can begin to build. Each aspect of our company’s workings has sub-processes of its own, ensuring the smooth and timely delivery of our roofing, cladding, and sheet metal products from start to finish.